A Guide to PHF

PHF is a group of Independent Councillors, Candidates and Supporters who believe that each Councillor should be free to vote independently while able to share resources and back office support with other Independent Councillors so that they are better able to challenge the national parties. Working alongside other Independent Councillors, PHF has been providing the only consistent and effective scrutiny of the present council’s actions.
Putting the Heart Back Into Hartlepool
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What We Want

PHF have led the way in the battle against the secrecy and self-enrichment of the ruling Labour Group.  We are the only group within the council who have consistently and vocally opposed the loss of services at Hartlepool Hospital We will continue to oppose any increase in council tax until such time that the council is able to demonstrate that it has its profligate spending habits under control.

What We’re Campaigning For

the scrapping of town centre parking charges. an end to tax payer funding of union officials a reduction in mileage allowances paid to staff to the HMRC recommended levels a reduction in the special responsibility allowances paid to councillors fight to stop Seaton’s regeneration money being re-directed to OFCA, a group which has already received over £5m of funding over the last 10 years with very little to show for it. support the Seaton Carew Wind Turbine Action Group and ensure Seaton Ward residents do not have decisions forced upon them fight to finally bring an end to the 10 Year Longscar Centre farce to never support a Council Tax increase until it can be shown that the council has its wasteful spending under control

Party Leader

Councillor James Black 61 Intrepid Close Seaton Carew Hartlepool TS25 1GF Mobile: 07967722119J


Councillor David Riddle


Mrs Carol Campbell 54, Ashgrove Avenue Hartlepool TS25 5BT


Kate Erskine Hartlepool
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