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PHF at the College of Further Education PHF members were delighted with the response received from students during the recent Fresher Event. Liam Wins Cinema Voucher First Prize raffle winner Liam with his goodie bag containing a £20 Vue Cinema Voucher was delighted with his luck "Awesome. Thanks a lot for hosting the give-away".
“Local Government For the People, By the People”

“No National Party

Will Ever Put

Hartlepool’s Interests

Before Its Own”

That’s Why We Need

to Learn To Speak For


And Why We Need to

Put Hartlepool First 

Putting Hartlepool First P H F Putting Hartlepool First
Labour Plans To Increase Council Tax By 17% By 2020 Labour’s shocking forward financial plans call for a rise in council tax of 17% by 2020
  Celebrations After Seaton Win Councillors David Riddle and James Black celebrate with an appropriate bottle of Veuve Cliquot Champagne - apparently the Leader of the Council’s favourite tipple.
Putting the Heart Back Into Hartlepool Published for Putting Hartlepool First. Agent Carol Campbell 54 Ashrove Avenue Hartlepool
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Headland & Harbour Councillor Sylvia  Tempest Resigns

Labour’s Headland &

Harbour Councillor, Sylvia

Tempest  has resigned her

ward seat. A short e-mail

from the  Principle Registration and Members Services 

Officer, Lorraine Bennison to all Councillors read: “As

you may already know, Sylvia Tempest has  resigned

from the Headland & Harbour Ward.  Notice of the

casual vacancy has been given today (21st March) and

on receipt of two signatures requesting an  election to

be held to fill the vacancy, a date for the  election will

be determined by the Returning  Officer”